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Independence is a beautiful thing.

Indoor Explorer was designed for anyone looking for an easier way to get where they’re going. It’s the difference between finding their way and knowing the way. It allows people who are blind or visually impaired to independently navigate through a venue and easily locate entrances, elevators, restrooms and other points of interest.

How it Works

A new feature of Nearby Explorer, Indoor Explorer uses beacons and indoor location information stored in the OpenStreetMap® database that interact with the app to guide users as they move through the building. It also points out areas of interest and gives them the name, distance, and position of each feature.
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Ilustration of Indoor Explorer beacons.

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Some of Our Clients

Indoor Explorer is catching on here and abroad. Here are just a few of the venues we’ve recently made more accessible:

The logos of some of our clients.

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Keith using indoor explorer in the airport.

Keith using indoor explorer in the airport.